Field of Dreams Positive Dog Training and Doggie Day School

FIELD OF DREAMS offers you more opportunity, more flexibility and more practice for fun with your dog.

Puppy Life Skills

Puppies can join their program as early as 10 weeks of age, and remain in puppy class until they are 5 months old.

Levels Training

With their Levels Training Program they offer you the flexibility to choose your day and time to attend class and the opportunity to train multiple times during the week.

Field of Dreams offers a 4-level pet training program that will teach your dog basic obedience and manners.

  • Learn the basics of training, & how dogs learn
  • Use positive reinforcement
  • Learn clicker training
  • Progress through the levels at your own pace

Agility Classes

Field of Dreams offers all levels of agility training, from Beginner classes all the way through to Advanced agility classes. They offer a 2 week Agility for Fun class to help you see if agility is right for you and your dog. 

Private Training

If you are having problems with your dog, they can help!

Doggie Day School

Their structured day school for dogs is a beneficial, motivating and fun day of activities and relaxation for your dog.

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