Welcome New Neighbors!

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Welcome to Virginia's Blue Ridge! My name is Brooke and delivering Welcome Baskets to my new neighbors is what I love to do! I do this with my mom and business partner, Joy. Most of the time one or both of my daughters, Emily and Natalie, are with us as we drive around and welcome newcomers to the community. I truly feel my job is the best job in the world, because I get to hang out with my family and bring gifts to new neighbors all over town. We get to see smiling faces every day!!

This year I am starting something new. I feel it is my neighborly obligation to scope out all of the great places to see and things to do and report back to you, my neighbors! I hope you will follow my family and I on our adventures and learn some new things about this great place we call home, Virginia's Blue Ridge! Feel free to subscribe and comment below if you have heard of a place around town that you think we should go and check out. 

See you around town, neighbor! - Brooke

Rail Yard Dawgs

Ok, I admit that I am not a sports enthusiast but my daughters and I just went to watch the Rail Yard Dawgs hockey game and it was So Much FUN! 


The atmosphere was amazing. They did amazing job of keeping the crowd involved in the game. We were all yelling, singing, clapping, and cheering on our home team and they went into overtime and won! 


I know we will be back and I hope you will join us! 

Greater Roanoke Home & Garden Show

The home and garden show is here! This is an excellent opportunity to talk to several local businesses who can assist with all of the projects you want to tackle in your new home. Some of our favorite booths to visit are Varsity Landscaping, Closet Storage Organizers, Ostrom Services, & Wisler Plumbing! 

This event is family friendly. Home Depot has an area for kids to make tool boxes, there are balloon animals, several of the booths have candy and Wisler Plumbing has free rubber duckies and awesome face painting! You can see Emily's Rad Report on the Home & Garden Show below:

Ice Skating at Elmwood Park

Elmwood on Ice is outdoor ice skating fun that is not to be missed! If you haven't been yet, you still have time because the ice skating rink is open until January 28th. WDBJ7's Elmwood on Ice is located in Elmwood Park in Downtown Roanoke at 706 S Jefferson St. It is typically open Wednesdays & Thursdays from 4pm - 9pm, Fridays from 4pm - 10pm, Saturdays from 11am - 10pm, and Sundays from 12pm - 7pm. 


My husband, Mike, and I took our 2 daughters, Natalie (3) and Emily (8) and had a great time. The skating rink is beginner friendly. The prices are extremely reasonable, and the staff is excellent! Mike, Emily, and I were able to practice our skating skills while pushing Natalie around on a sit-upon Seal. The girls really enjoyed riding on the ice slide! It was a big hit.  

Emily gave a full report on our ice skating experience!


For more information (including FAQs) visit https://www.downtownroanoke.org/events/elmwood-on-ice